Programmes of SCERT

Teacher education is more sensitive to emerging demands of the school system and takes proactive strategies for sustaining quality of education. SCERT is an apex organization and undertakes many initiatives for ensuring quality in school education and teacher education. Curricular reforms, textbook development, in-service teacher training, educational technology inputs are some of the actions for quality enhancement.

SCERT designs and executes a number of initiatives for improving the professional skills of teachers and reaffirming their experiences to act as facilitators in the classroom transaction. In-Service Teacher Education is one of the focus areas in teacher empowerment process. As suggested by NCF 2005, In-service Education cannot be an event but rather is a process, which includes knowledge development and change in attitudes, skills, disposition and practice through interaction and activities.

All the trainings were organized as per the training calendar in a cascade mode with a variety of activities, participatory approaches using standardized training manuals.

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